Sadie Beyl

The detailed assessment and feedback as the course progressed gave me the opportunity to improve and it helped me to find my feet. The support from the teaching team was incredible.

Kristel Tshabalala

The most beneficial thing was getting to teach and receive feedback, and also watch other trainees teach and give them feedback. It allowed to learn from my mistakes and find out what aspects of my teaching were good. This was really motivating. Watching other trainees allowed me to learn from their mistakes and also find other teaching methods that work.

Bianca Lee

The teaching practice sessions really prepare you for the real world and allow you to maximize your interaction and prevent shock for when you move over into teaching overseas. Feedback is fantastic because having a discussion and being able to learn from others really helped me grow.

Lauren Pechey

Teaching practicals immediately threw us in the deep end, which meant we had to really think meaningfully about what goes into the lesson. The main thing I learnt from this was the degree of depth required for a lesson to flow well and for students to engage with the material being taught throughout.

Esther Lategan

All the tutors were professional, diligent and committed to their work and to us. The answered our questions and guided us to the best of their ability.

Faye Crouch

The teaching practice was extremely beneficial, learning by making mistakes and learning from others. Also having such a close relationship with the tutors was great, they are always there when help is needed. It also was great being observed because the tutors can give advice with things that I struggled with as they were there and they could see what was going wrong. It really makes me feel prepared for actually going into a teaching job in the future.