Our teacher trainers at the UCT English Language Centre are all highly qualified and experienced in the field of EFL (English as a Foreign Language).  Each on has their specific areas of expertise or interest which contributes to the development of our team and ensures that ELC delivers on its promise of developing critical, creative English Language teachers who are equipped to thrive anywhere in the world.

When not providing teacher training, the TEFL trainers form an integral part of our English teaching team and are involved with curriculum and materials development for all ELC’s English as a foreign language and and teacher training programmes.  They also run our internal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure all English teachers at ELC continue to develop their teaching practice and maintain high standards.  The trainers also host regular external Continuing  Professional Development sessions which are attended by teaching professionals from across South Africa.  

Together with our administrative and student support staff, our teacher trainers are committed to ensuring your experience, from the moment you enquire with us, to the day you graduate from our Centre, is a positive one.

Between them, teachers and staff have worked and taught all over the world, and most speak at least one additional foreign language to English.  This means that not only do we understand the challenges of learning a foreign language first hand, but we have also shared the dream of living and working in another country and being immersed in a new and exciting culture.

  • Simon Harrison

    Simon has worked in ELT for 20 years in the UK, Spain and Brazil, before joining UCT in 2014. Simon's areas of academic interest are systems of collocation, prosodic features of speech, IELTS training, and business development in ELT.

  • Warren Lilley

    Warren has worked extensively in South Africa and the Middle East during his career and is completing his doctorate in Education at UCT. Warren's areas of academic interest are mobile-assisted language learning, adult education, models of teacher-training, and English for academic purposes.

  • Monica Boshoff

    Monica has over 15 years’ experience in the EFL industry as teacher, teacher-trainer, IELTS & Cambridge ESOL examiner and Academic Manager. Monica's areas of interest are in learner progression and assessment, teachers' continuing professional development, and systems and processes of academic management.

  • Alex Abdellah

    Alex has worked in a range of teaching, teacher-training and academic management positions in South Africa and the UK. His areas of academic interest include metacognitive learning strategies, lexical retention and recall, English for academic purposes, and curriculum development.

  • Christelle van Niekerk

    Christelle moved from a career in chartered insurance into ELT in 2012, and has taught in London, Manchester and Cape Town, joining ELC in 2015. Her areas of academic interest include discourse in written production, lexical teaching approaches, and developing learner autonomy.

  • Charnel Williams

    Charnell has 13 years of teaching and teacher training experience in Korea and South Africa. Her areas of academic interest include learner centred pedagogy, materials-light lesson planning, and teacher training.

  • Jan-Hendrik De Klerk

    Jan moved into EFL from a career in IT in 2010 and has taught in Thailand and South Africa.  His areas of academic interest are the use of technology in language learning, teaching English for academic purposes, and teacher development.

  • Kirsten Schilder

    Kirsten worked for a Skills Development training company before joining the ELC team as their senior administrator. She handles all administrative matters in the department.